About us


We are a Portuguese company, specialized in the production of exquisite and high quality furniture.


Our company emerged during the rapid growth of the traditional contemporary furniture market, and at that time, we started looking for qualified, open-minded and motivated people, just like us.
As we delve into the world of contemporary design, we began to reinvent ourselves as we began to explore the uses of metals and semi-metals. Since then, we have specialized in the production of made-to-measure contemporary furniture, both urban and interior, guided by high quality standards and striving for attention to detail.

We strive to constantly keep up with cutting-edge technology as well as innovative designs and techniques. With more than 10 years of experience, we are a young, dynamic and qualified team.
Here you can find the perfect finish for bespoke furniture, curtains, stairs, handrails and door handles, always with great rigor and quality as if it were a jewel, with a lifetime guarantee.

Our work ethic is “Tailor-Made”. This means that the client creates the design and we bring it to life. Our talented artisans ensure that the quality of the final product meets the customer's expectations. Each project is a new challenge and with each one we become more proficient and knowledgeable about our work, which allows us to explore new concepts and materials.
We master the sand casting technique, allowing the manufacture of various models of hardware, such as custom furniture pieces in the quantities desired by the customer. Chiseling is a technique mastered by our artisans that allows you to create volume, reliefs and textures, allowing the creation of various improved designs. These processes are produced manually by our artisans, demanding care, demand and precision.

Our artisans have a high level of know-how, specialized in traditional and innovative techniques, creating special and unique pieces where the model and style can vary, from classic to contemporary, depending on the customer's preference.


Our brand has an impressive collection of moulds, most of them from handles with over 250 years of history. All pieces are hand-carved, giving them a unique value and high-quality details. You can visit some of our best works from the last century in our factory and speak with one of our consultants and ask for advice on the design or development of your project, from the idea to the end.

We create memorable experiences where each client is unique and can find the fulfillment of their dreams. We combine ancient techniques with innovation, working with the finest metals, brass, copper, bronze, silver and gold. For us, each project is a challenge that allows us to explore countless possibilities.

Our factory is located in São João da Madeira, near Porto, where you can visit where the transformation takes place.

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